Children for a New World

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Wind bands can play a significant part in children’s social and musical lives and are an ideal way to initiate cooperation between primary schools and the local community. Children for a New World is a good way to integrate class bands into local wind bands and provides a unique opportunity to perform in a larger ensemble. Accompanied by a youth or adult band, or even both, the class band will be at the centre of the performance.

In Children for a New World you may recognise fragments from Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9, ‘From the New World’. The conclusion of the piece also includes the famous ‘Ode to Joy’, a theme composed by Beethoven for his ninth symphony, a melody that has become synonymous for friendship and peace all over the world.

Composer: Michiel Oldenkamp
Instrumentation: Class Band + 5 Part Variable Wind Ensemble with Percussion
Order Number: OKP 120-081

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